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The non-invasive varicose vein treatment techniques are delivered under local anesthesia, with minimal scarring or side effects, allowing for a quick and easy recovery period.

Local Anesthesia

General or local anesthetic: What are the side effects and implications of using each of these during a treatment?

Local anesthesia, as opposed to general anesthesia, minimises post-operative aftercare, since it is restricted to a particular area of the body., i.e. no loss of consciousness. An anesthetic fluid is injected surrounding the area of varicose veins clusters or targeted saphenous veins. The area of the body becomes insensitive to pain, and allows the patient to remain conscious and alert throughout the surgery.

Varicose veins treatments at our clinic are almost always administered under local anesthetic

The injection of anesthetic liquid is done before introducing the catheter and the laser or radio frequency fiber. The skin under the knee and the thigh are usually anesthetised. Typically, about six to eight small punctures are needed. Adrenaline is also used in an anesthetic solution, in order to close the vessels and to ensure that bleeding is virtually nonexistent.