Our clinic, located in Montreal (l'Ile-des-Soeurs) offers non-invasive treatments and operates entirely outside of the RAMQ

Dr. Mercier’s team welcomes you in a comfortable and peaceful environment. The clinic, located in downtown Montreal, offers equipment at the cutting edge of technology with non-invasive surgical procedures that are not available in the public health network. . Our clinic offers amenities such as free parking during your surgery day.

  • Our clinic operates independently of the public system [RAMQ].

Modern facilities and a qualified team able to fulfill your needs

Our medical imaging devices (ultrasound) allow for an appropriate appraisal of the venous system providing for an accurate diagnosis. During surgery, the use of endovenous laser and/or radiofrequency enable the treatments’ success. File management and your appointment scheduling is done electronically, allowing us to optimize the administration of your information. This integration facilitates the information sharing with your referral doctor and/or personal physician, and improves the monitoring of your file.

A professional and experienced team is available to answer your questions, from your initial contact with our clinic. Our dedicated administrative and nursing teams will assist you throughout the process with attention to detail, along with personal comfort and empathy. Our mission is to ensure that your procedure with you being completely at ease.