Innovative and specialized varicose vein treatments

Our clinic mainly treats varicose veins of medium and large caliber, located under the skin. Small and fine varicose veins located on the surface or near the surface of the skin (spider veins) are not treated at our clinic.


What is involved with using this technique?

Endovenous radio frequency, just like endovenous laser, is a procedure used to treat saphenous veins’ insufficiency. This technique consists of introducing a thin radio frequency tube (catheter) into a damaged vein under the skin near the calf or knee region. Once activated, it will deliver radio-frequency energy to the vein wall which causes heat. The heat then causes the welding of the vein. Blood flow will be redirected to other neighboring veins. This relatively pain free procedure is used for veins of medium to large caliber. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Everything is done at the doctor’s clinic, without an incision in the groin or leg, which minimizes scarring.

Simple aftercare instructions, without medication needed, and a very quick and easy recovery period

Postoperative instructions are generally very simple, accompanied by little or no pain. No analgesic medicine is thus required. Postoperative visit is typically scheduled within seven (7) to ten (10) days after the surgery. The recovery period is therefore very short.


There are virtually no complications. All risks associated with treatments are listed clearly under the risks and complications section of this site.