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Bringing the World of Venous Disorders to Your Doorstep

In the future, this space will be dedicated to keeping our readers up-to-date with the latest clinical news and research on issues surrounding venous disorders. My team and I intend to provide all our readers with short reviews written in easy to understand layman terms. As well, when attending conferences, or as a speaker, I will then share the most recent developments and important informational topics of interest to those within our community, both from the perspective of interested patients, and our affiliated clinicians. Therefore, from time to time, we might share with you some of the more challenging or interesting patient case studies that we come across in our professional practice.

Our intention is to share knowledge, and to foster better contextual relations with all our interested readers. For now, comments or questions will not be posted to our blog.

However, we strongly encourage you to openly and actively share your opinions with us, specifically as to what you like or not, and as to what topics would be of more immediate relevance to you, as our readers. Share with us your own knowledge, your practical experiences, or whatever else it is that is on your mind. Please feel free to email us at

The ability of our readers to collaborate with us on the mission of this blog, or to send us comments in an interactive format, will in my view be an important contribution to the ever increasingly future popularity of our blogs, and certainly might be the impetus for many of my upcoming blog posts.


Dr. Jean-François Mercier

Plastic Surgeon and Phlebologist – Montréal

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