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The non-invasive techniques under local anesthesia used in all varicose vein treatments, minimize scarring and side effects, and allow for quick and easy patient recovery periods.


Techniques and methods of varicose vein treatments used by the clinic allow for positive long term results and high rates of success

Historically we have achieved 98% success in completely closing a saphenous vein with endovenous laser.

Less than 5% of patients require a treatment touch up within 6 to 12 months following initial varicose vein treatment. Should such an additional treatment become necessary, no additional fees are charged. In general, 95%-100% of varicose vein conditions are eliminated following a single treatment. Sometimes patients choose to use injections esthetic reasons only, to hide small blue, red, or green veins that may appear 2-3 months after a laser or phlebectomy treatment.

Varicose veins: a chronic disease

It is important to remember that varicose vein illness can be chronic, and may escalate when left untreated. While treated veins may disappear, other veins may surface later that will require additional treatments.