Dr Jean-François Mercier: plastic surgeon and phlebologist

With an impressive success rate, other medical practitioners do not hesitate to recommend the clinic of Dr. Mercier to patients requiring specialized care and treatments.

A highly specialized and experienced surgeon

Dr Mercier is a trained plastic surgeon who has been practicing medicine since 1975 (over 40 years). He has been performing surgeries for more than 33 of those years (since 1983). After following multiple specialty training in the United States and Europe, Dr Mercier now wants to pass on his knowledge to future doctors; he is doing so by teaching at the Faculté de médecine de l’Université de Montréal and works with residents from Hôpital Saint-Luc.

In 1991, he became one of the first directors of the Canadian Society of Phlebology.  In 1996, he became its vice president.

In 2002, he opened his private clinic to dedicate himself to varicose veins treatments, while pursuing teaching activities with individual American, Canadian and European physicians. These paractioners are Invited to his clinic, and have the opportunity to improve their skills in the various methods used as solutions to varicose vein issues:

  • Endovenous laser
  • Endovenous radiofrequency
  • Ambulatory phlebectomies
  • Tumescent anesthesia
  • Stripping
  • Pre-operative vein mapping


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Professional experience

1985- to the present

+10,000 surgeries

  • including hand surgery
  • microsurgery
  • cosmetic surgery
  • predominantly varicose vein surgery

2002 to today

Opening and Operating Clinique du Dr Jean-François Mercier: +5,000 varicose vein surgical procedures in his private practice.

Higher education – Postgraduate studies - Diplomas


Doctor of Medicine degree


Medical residency in United States, Canada and Mexico

2002 to today

Regularly attends National and international conventions, & medical congresses

Teaching activities


New York University and Université de Montréal

2002 to today

Hands on training to medical residents








«Some doctors do not participate in the Québec Health Insurance Plan. They are known as non-participating physicians. They do not accept the Health Insurance Card as payment for their services and are not remunerated by the Régie. They bill their patients directly and set their own rates. The Régie is not able to issue reimbursements for the cost of their services. » RAMQ

Dr. Jean François Mercier is a non-participating member of the Régis d’assurance maladie du Québec