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The non-invasive varicose vein treatment techniques are delivered under local anesthesia, with minimal scarring or side effects, allowing for a quick and easy recovery period.


The use of bandages and dressings

The use of bandages and dressings are applied immediately following a surgical treatment, and should be maintained for up to 2 days post treatment.


Dressings and bandages are applied using several layers:

  • A first layer of adhesive bandages is used to cover any open wounds and stiches
  • A second layer of absorbent pads are used on top of the adhesive bandages.
  • A third layer involves a cotton rolled bandage covering the entire leg
  • A fourth layer is an elasticized gauze bandage which holds everything in place and applies the needed pressure to the leg.

The last step is a compression stocking. After 2 days, patients may remove the stockings and cut away all bandages and dressings. The stockings are however kept and worn by the patient, until returning for their follow-up visit in 7 -10 days after the procedure. It is recommended that when showering or bathing, a plastic wrap should be used to keep the wounds from getting wet.