Innovative and specialized varicose vein treatments

Our clinic mainly treats varicose veins of medium and large caliber, located under the skin. Small and fine varicose veins located on the surface or near the surface of the skin (spider veins) are not treated at our clinic.


What is involved in using this technique?

Initially, the region of the lower limbs effected is flooded with an anesthetic fluid (local anesthesia). Next to the varicose vein, a tiny puncture is made using a needle. The veins are removed one by one, using a small hook inserted into the needle hole. The punctures and the removal of veins, usually provoke minimal bleeding, but leave almost indiscernible scars. Since the punctures are made using a needle, and not ascalpel, no sutures are required. This technique can be used solely or together with endovenous laser or radio frequency procedures. Since it is sometimes not necessary to treat the saphenous veins with laser or radiofrequency, isolated phlebectomies of the branches may be performed.

Minimal scaring and simple post treatment aftercare

The scars left by the punctures usually heal very well and become almost invisible after a few months.

When and why are phlebectomies a preferred treatment?

Varicose branches of saphenous veins are responsible for varicose veins visible under the skin. These veins are manifested in the form of bumps or visible seams, and often are palpable and sensitive. As these veins are very close to the skin, there could therefore be a risk of causing burns to them. These veins cannot be treated with laser or radio frequency. They are likely too numerous and difficult to be removed by a laser or a radio frequency fiber.