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The non-invasive techniques under local anesthesia used in all varicose vein treatments, minimize scarring and side effects, and allow for quick and easy patient recovery periods.

Re-evaluation & Follow Up

Your re-evaluation follow-up visit is typically scheduled 3 months after treatment includes an control ultrasound scan.

Patients are encouraged to return for their 3 month follow up visit following varicose vein treatment. It is noteworthy that with the use of phlebectomies, it typically can take up to 6 to 8 months for all signs to disappear, but the control visit using ultrasound, allows the doctor to see if everything is progressing normally.

It is very rare that follow up treatments are necessary requiring phlebectomies, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, or are used for specific laser/radio frequency touch ups. Depending on the severity of touch ups required, most treatments are done with no additional fees for the patient.

Should a patient wish to have a regular annual follow up, a control visit can be scheduled with our medical secretary. It should be noted that varicose vein issues can evolve and may sometimes be chronic. Regular control visits allow for prevention of evolving conditions and to identify new varicose vein complications from developing.